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My name is Cinna and I am a jewellery designer located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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Handcrafted, unique and beautiful, our Cabochons and Cameos offer something different and can take you to work, evening or casual settings. Super comfortable and affordable, this classic jewellery style suits women of all ages and body types.

What are Cabochons?

Think style, individuality and femininity and you have cabochons. In the jewellery world cabochons are stones or feature pieces that have been shaped or cut with a polished rounded dome face and a flat unpolished base. Once a symbol of prestige and class, the Cabochon has endured throughout the centuries and remains a rich and captivating jewellery piece.

Popular cabochon gemstones include; opal, turquoise, moonstone, cat’s eye and sapphire and ruby. Fast forward a few centuries and you can now find cabochons in a variety of mediums including resin, glass and clay.  Cabochons were also set within a setting known as a bezel, this can be made from just about any medium, including; glass, wood, metal, paper, clay and plastic. Today Cabochons continue to enjoy popularity amongst women of all ages, who appreciate something a little different or who are perhaps seeking a piece of versatile piece of jewellery that can take them from work, to a formal setting to a casual weekend with friends.

What are Cameos?

Miniature pieces of art that enjoyed their peak popularity during the Roman era, the Renaissance and the 19th century, cameos have endured throughout time and remain a popular jewellery item around the world. Cameo’s typically are constructed with a small figure or scene carved in relief. They are often made from materials such as mother of pearl, agate, clay, glass, wood, shell, coral stone or resin.

Once upon a time cameos were believed to contain mystical powers that would bring the wearer wealth, good health and fortune. Cameos are exquisitely beautiful that continue to hold appeal of generations of women. They make wonderful gifts  and are a timelessly classic piece of jewellery that will be enjoyed for years to come. Feminine and stylish they capture a time long gone but still today manage to create a unique style to the modern women.