Necklace Sizing

February 22, 2018
February 22, 2018 admin

Necklace Sizing

This is a short guide to necklace sizing. As you browse through the shop you will come across terms such as Matinee and Princess necklaces, these are just a couple of the terms associated to particular necklace lengths.

Necklace sizing is as varied as the people wearing them. While some necklace sizes suit a wide cross-section of physical types, there are certainly some necklace lengths that will look better on some body types than others. For example a rope necklace can create an uncomplimentary look for a women of shorter statue, whilst as collar necklace may look better on a petite build than on a plus sized body type if it is worn too tight.

Collar Necklaces: 30.5cm – 35.5cm

Throughout history this term was often used to describe all necklaces, however today a collar necklace is one that rests right above your collar bone and flush against your skin. Not for everyone due to its ‘snug’ nature the collar necklace when its fitted well looks amazing when worn with low necklines.

Choker Necklaces: 35.5cm – 41cm

Despite the chokers checkered past, it continues to remain one of the most popular necklace length. Whether its made out of leather, ribbon, velvet or cord, the choker necklace has the ability to make a statement about your style. The choker can be successfully worn a couple of ways; either slightly below your collar bone or very high up on your neck. If you are wearing a plain and unadorned choker it will look best if you wear it high up on your neck, flush against your skin – not tight, just flush. If you are wearing a choker with a pendant it will look best worn slightly below your collar bone as this style will allow the pendant to fall nicely.

Princess Necklaces: 41cm – 46cm

The princess necklace length is one of the main necklace sizing’s that you will see showcased within our necklace range, based primarily on the princess length rather than the princess style. The princess necklace is an extremely flattering length to showcase a pendant, cabochon or cameo as they will tend to sit beautifully just below your collar bone.

Matinee Necklaces: 50cm – 56cm

The matinee necklace is another of our main necklace sizes that you will see within our collection this year, as they are a wonderful way to showcase pendants, cabochons and cameos as they tend to sit between the collar bone and your cleavage. This is also a popular length for layering necklaces.

Opera Necklaces: 76cm – 92cm

A popular length for chains and beads, the Opera length necklace is as versatile as it is long. Whilst a great length necklace it is not one that we use regularly for our jewellery as the length tends to place the cabochon or cameo near the belly button. Traditionally, the opera necklace will fall below your bust line and can be as long as your belly button. It is a great length for layering.

Rope Necklaces: 92cm+

Rope necklaces are very long necklaces that extend past your belly button. Lariat or Y necklaces often fall into this category.One of the great things about this necklace is its versatility as it can be worn as a single long rope or alternatively you can loop it around your neck to create shorter layered look.

Note about Larait Necklaces: One of the traditional features of a lariat style necklace is that they do not have a clasp, rather they are one long length with a ‘loop’ of some kind that one end passes through to create a lariat (noose) then the single length ‘tail’ of chain will drop down the centre of your torso, and you can adjust the ‘necklace’ portion to create a collar, choker, princess or matinee length.


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