What are Cabochons?

March 27, 2018
March 27, 2018 admin

Think style, individuality and femininity and you have cabochons. In the jewellery world cabochons are stones or feature pieces that have been shaped or cut with a polished rounded dome face and a flat unpolished base. Once a symbol of prestige and class, the Cabochon has endured throughout the centuries and remains a rich and captivating jewellery piece.

Cabochons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the most populous shape is an oval, other popular shapes include; circular, square, rectangular and teardrop.

One of the most common sizes for an oval cabochon is 30x40mm, other popular sizes include; 25x18mm or round 30 or 35mm.

What are Cabochons made of?

Popular cabochon gemstones include; opal, turquoise, moonstone, cat’s eye and sapphire and ruby. Fast forward a few centuries and you can now find cabochons in a variety of mediums including resin, glass and clay.

Cabochons were also set within a setting known as a bezel, this can be made from just about any medium, including; glass, wood, metal, paper, clay and plastic. Today Cabochons continue to enjoy popularity amongst women of all ages, who appreciate something a little different or who are perhaps seeking a piece of versatile piece of jewellery that can take them from work, to a formal setting to a casual weekend with friends.

What is a Bezel?

The easiest explanation is to say that a bezel is a frame – it frames the cabochon. Bezels can be constructed out of any material but must be strong enough to be able to set a cabochon within and to protect an support it. Bezels often add the ‘bling’ factor to a piece. There are boundless variations and sizes available nowadays and they are an extremely popular jewellery making component amongst designers.

Yellow Marble Gemstone Cabochon
Yellow Marble Cabochon, set within silver bezel
Glass backed Cabochon
Glass backed Cabochon, set within Tasmanian wood bezel
Blue gemstone Cabochon
Gemstone Cabochon within Victorian style bezel