My name is Cinna & I am a passionate cabochon and cameo jewellery designer based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. For years I have been interested in cameos and cabochons without really knowing exactly what they were or where to get them. Growing up in small towns and regional ‘cities’ it was almost impossible to find original and unique pieces of jewellery.

Like a lot of women, many of my earliest impressions of jewellery was found from my mother, aunts and grandmother. I was enamoured of the blend of beautiful brooches, pendants and necklaces that had often been passed down from generation to generation and seemed to be unique and unlike anything I ever saw in a store. As an adult I found it frustrating to shop for jewellery as my limited budget and shopping options meant that I could rarely find something that wasn’t either cheap and nasty or unique in any way. This lead me to researching the type of jewellery I remembered so fondly from my childhood and to creating those pieces for myself, my friends and family, and now to for you as well.

I don’t mass produce any particular pieces, rather focus on making each one unique and special. Whilst I focus on Cabochons and Cameos, from time to time I come across an interesting and unique piece that I want to work with so I have included those here as well.

This year I have introduced personalised cabochons, where you can upload a photo and I will create a cabochon just for your image. At this stage am only able to offer 30x40mm cabochons. Perhaps you have a beloved family member, pet or wish to memorialise a loved one or perhaps you just have an image, favourite team etc that you would like to immortalise, just shoot me off an email and we can take it from there.

I hope you enjoy my Cabochons and Cameos as much as I do, I hope when you wear it, it makes you feel special and stylish and that you can pass it down through the generations to your children’s children.