Classic Blue Flower Cameo Necklace

March 14, 2018
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Type: Cameo

Style: Plastic

Size: 30x40mm

Length: 50cm

Colour: Blue & White

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This is a classic blue flower cameo necklace that has been created in plastic, then hand-painted. Reminiscent of years gone by this cameo necklace is durable and feminine. It has been set within a silver plated bezel and strung on a coordinating blue cord necklace.

Note: I usually don’t work in plastic but I wanted to create a piece that I could wear to the gym and get it sweaty without ruining it, so I created two, this one and my own. It has been perfect for everyday wear and the hand-painted feature is beautiful. I always get lots of positive comments when I go to the gym about this necklace.