Irresistible Howlite Lapis Blue Gemstone Cabochon Necklace

March 8, 2018
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Type: Cabochon

Style: Gemstone

Size: 25x18mm

Length: 50cm

Colour: Blue

Attributes: Howlite, Lapis Blue gemstone set within an antique style cabochon and strung on a coordinating suede necklace

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This irresistible howlite (dyed) Lapis Blue Gemstone Cabochon necklace is the perfect necklace for casual everyday wear. The Howlite Lapis is 25x18mm in size and is set within an antique style silver plated bezel and has been strung on a coordinating 50cm suede necklace with an adjustable clasp.

Lapis blue howlite is dyed to resemble lapis lazuli. Named after its discoverer Henry How, a Nova Scotia geologist. howlite is famous for imitating other minerals, each stone is unique in colour.