Red Bamboo Coral Cabochon Necklace

March 19, 2018
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Type: Cabochon

Style: Bamboo Coral (dyed)

Size: 18x15mm

Length: 42cm, adjustable

Colour: Red


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This is an elegant red bamboo coral (dyed) cabochon necklace. It is perfect to wear year round with both casual outfits or for more formal occasions. It has been strung on a combination four sting/ribbon short, and adjustable necklace.


Bamboo Coral

Bamboo Coral is predominantly part of a deep-sea family of coral. It is naturally white, cream or grey and is quite porous which makes it an ideal candidate to dye. The ‘bamboo’ part of the name comes because the corals skeleton is made up of some deeply calcified horny nodes. Red dyed bamboo coral has largely replaced pure red coral due in jewellery designs primarily as a result in the depletion of red coral around the world. The dying process is done by either injecting the coral with a red dye or soaking the coral in the dye. The glossy finish is achieved by dipping  or coating the dyed coral in resin, this also has the added benefit of adding an extra layer of strength and protection to it.

However due to its porous nature it is as always when talking about jewellery, best to keep it away from perfumes and other astringents.